Ex-Liverpool winger Albert Riera sacked by Udinese for skipping a match to play poker

Ex-Liverpool winger Albert Riera has been sacked by Udinese without ever playing a game for the Serie A club.

Riera, 32, joined the Zebretta over the summer, having played eight matches for Championship side Watford earlier in the year.

Despite being in Italy for several months, Riera, who once cost Liverpool £8m in 2008, never made an appearance for his employers, and over the weekend the midfielder was sacked by his club.

Two reasons have been forwarded for the player’s sacking.

According to many, Riera was given the boot after he missed a match in order to play in a poker tournament.

Riera then made sure he collected his P45 when he tweeted that Udinese were “the worst club” he had played for in his career.

Interestingly, Reira won £3,000 for a second-place finish at the poker tournament.

See content here. http://www.101greatgoals.com/blog/ex-liverpool-winger-albert-riera-sacked-by-udinese-for-skipping-a-match-to-play-poker/


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