Linden Flower Tea Benefits

Linden Flower Tea Benefits for the Heart

These days I most often hear people speak of linden flower tea as a remedy for the heart, especially for hypertension. One way to understand how this works is by thinking of it as a relaxing nervine. Linden relaxes tense musculature, bringing relief and calmness. We know how it feels to walk around with our shoulders tense to our ears, jumpy and on edge. That alone can raise blood pressure! Perhaps because it is a relaxing nervine, or maybe because of more specific actions, linden is also a vasodilator, something that dilates blood vessels. This in itself can lower blood pressure.

[Linden] also cleans the blood and makes it more fluid. This means that it is a valuable defense against arteriosclerosis, phlebitis, angina and heart attacks. Naturally one must not expect much from it after these troubles have already occurred: I am recommending [it] as a preventative, and as this you cannot start taking it soon enough.


Linden Flower Tea Benefits for the Nervous System

As a relaxing nervine, linden flower tea soothes and calms the nervous system. It can be specific for anxiety that is accompanied by tension: tense shoulders, muscle cramping, tension headaches, painful menstrual cramps, etc. Also think of it for difficulty sleeping due to excessive tension.

Have a restless child who isn’t interested in bedtime? Take David Hoffman’s advice for a bedtime bath:

Herbs such as Tilia [Linden] and Trifolium [Red Clover] added to a bath as an infusion will have a calming effect and will prove useful before bedtime.  – David Hoffman, Medical Herbalism

Historically, linden is listed for use during mild hysteria and even for epilepsy and convulsions. I don’t know of any herbalists currently using it in this way but looking at historical references can give us new resources and ideas to use herbs in ways that may have been lost to us.

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